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Interview Firebeard

nickname Firebeard - 17 by May by 2016
About your beginnings, When did you start to illustrate?
I always love to draw, since I was a kid!!!

What most motivates your work as a designer/illustrator?
The people that loves my works, they are the best motivation, not the money, but the fact that they love your works, its so satisfying!!! :D

About the creative process, where do you look for inspiration for your designs? What inspires you?
I Always look the art of other artists, I respect their works and theyre a very motivation to improve your art!

What is the part that is harder in the creative process?
Absolute the beginning!!!

From your point of view, what makes an illustration a great illustration?
In my opinion the love for your works make an illustration a very great illustration! You had to love what you do!!!

Tell us something about the projects youre prouder.
Mmh I really dont know, maybe the Obey The Hypnotoad

People say that we all have a persona who really inspires us and we considera n example to follow. Whatis yours and why?
That can seems strange but I dont have an example to follow, there are I and I and stop!!! I think thats the greatest way to improve yourself!!!


AAranda54@outlook.com - 21 by May by 2016, 08:45
Parece una persona. Un poco tmida y por lo que cuenta es un chico que sus creaciones le inspiran a ser ms extrovertido los dibujos son muy chulos inspira lo que l es
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