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  1. Download the Designer Guide and submit your design!
  2. Design your t-shirt preferably with Illustrator or Photoshop. If you use a photo editor, work at least at 300ppi (pixels per inch) and always save a copy in high resolution – Real size and 300 ppi-
  3. Send us a thumbnail (400x400 pixeles) and a file of the design (800x800 tall in pixels). The thumbnail should be sent in gif or jpg format at 72 ppi and the file in format jpg or gif at 72 ppi. The file design is free (it doesn’t have to be a recreation unique to the actual shirt).
  4. The thumbnail size should not exceed 70 kb and the file 160 kb.
  5. You can use up to 8 colors on a light t-shirt and 7 on a dark one.
  6. If you do not follow all of these rules, your design could be rejected:
    • You cannot use more than 5 spot colors for the design. (Reduced colors do not count. Black and white count, the color of the shirt does not).
    • If you have versions using different colors, only upload one and send the others in an email, we will select the ones that we like the most.
    • The design cannot go over the seams of the t-shirt, it must be placed on the front or back but keep in mind that the maximum printing surface is 42 x 30 cm
    • The design cannot contain third party copyright logos or material. T-shirts with the shipping included!!

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