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Below is the contractual document that will govern the contracting of products and services through the website www.pampling.com (hereinafter the Website), owned by República Gráfica SL (hereinafter the Provider or Pampling).


The acceptance of this document implies that the User:


  1. You have read, understand and understand what is stated here.
  2. That is a person with sufficient capacity to contract and over 18 years of age.
  3. That it assumes all the obligations set forth herein.


These Conditions of Contracting of Services, together with the Terms and Conditions presented in the offer to the Client, as well as the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, (hereinafter, and together, the Conditions of Contract or Conditions), expressly regulate the relations arising between the Provider and the Clients and the use and use of the services or products that it makes available to them.


These Conditions will have an indefinite period of validity and will be applicable to all contracts made through the website owned www.pampling.com the Provider.


The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Conditions, without affecting the goods or promotions that were acquired prior to the modification, for which it will always show the version and date thereof.



On the one hand, the supplier of the goods or services is: 


Graphic Republic SL

C/ Pedro Muñoz Torres, Nave 7. 41006 Seville (Spain)

NIF: B-91731273

Telephones: 954 097 652 - 692 825 026 (WhatsApp) - e-mail: ayuda@pampling.com 

Physical stores: https://www.pampling.com/tiendas-pampling


And on the other, the User who accesses the website and is interested in contracting such goods or services (hereinafter the User).


Information on the activities of the Provider

The Provider is a company that is dedicated to the commercialization of clothing and footwear.  Founded more than 15 years ago, online commerce has international projection, although its main market is Spanish. 


On this website, the contracting of services is of the B2C type: business to consumer (business to consumer), that is, transactions are carried out between the online business or virtual store and a consumer.



The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual relationship of sale born between the Provider and the User at the moment in which the latter accepts, during the online contracting process, the corresponding box.


The contractual relationship of sale entails the delivery, in exchange for a certain price and publicly exposed through the website, of a specific product or service.



The contracting procedure can only be carried out in Spanish. In the event that in the future it could be carried out in another language, it will be indicated before the contracting procedure begins.


This contract will be regulated by Spanish legislation, including Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and privacy regulations.


In order to carry out the contracting process and access the services offered by the Provider, the User may choose to:


You will receive a welcome email informing you of the username and password with which you have registered and to proceed with the activation of your account. In case the user does not confirm his account, this registration will not be valid.

The User undertakes to make diligent use of them, and not to make them available to third parties, as well as to communicate to the Provider the loss or theft of the same or possible access by an unauthorized third party, in such a way that it proceeds to the immediate blocking.



In any case, the User guarantees that the personal data provided are true and is responsible for communicating to the Provider any modification in them. For any questions related to the protection of your personal data, please consult our "Privacy Policy". 


The User will be solely responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that may be caused to the person responsible for the Website due to the completion of the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data. The Provider will try to diligently verify the veracity of said data, reserving, without prejudice to other actions that may correspond, the right not to register or to cancel those users who provide false or incomplete data.


The User may access to modify their personal data, as well as the rest of the data they provide, by accessing their account or profile. To do this, you must go to your profile, in the "Identify yourself" section at the  top right, if you access the online store without identifying yourself. If you are already logged in, your account will appear in the same location with your username.


The User is informed that, in accordance with the requirements of art. 27 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the contracting procedure will follow the following steps:





All products that appear on the Website have additional information available in accordance with articles 60, 63 and 97 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and articles 27 and 28 of the LSSICE.


The Provider will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all details, descriptions and images of the products that appear on the Website are correct at the time the relevant information is entered into the system. However, to the extent permitted by applicable law, no warranty is made that such product details, descriptions and images are accurate, complete, reliable, up-to-date or error-free.


The Provider will regularly check whether all prices shown on the Website are correct. If an obvious error is detected in the price of a product, the User will be given the opportunity to buy the product at the correct price or to cancel the order.


Shipping restrictions:

For logistical reasons of the destination country, we do not ship to Bolivia, Guatemala and Venezuela.


Shipping costs:

The shipping costs will be added to the price of the products and are indicated separately in the order form in the "Shipping Costs" box, and the User can choose between shipping as such or collection in store, being in this case, free:


Shipping costs are applied depending on the destination and the cost of the order, according to this rate. The shipping price will be automatically charged on the invoice when making the purchase and charged together with the order, so the User will not have to pay any amount when he receives it.


IMPORTANT: The possible customs costs or payment of taxes of the place of destination will be borne by the buyer if applicable.


Delivery times:

Delivery times depend on several factors, so the User is requested to take into account that the delivery will be made within the indicated period, unless within the same period we notify the User, including by email, that the ordered products are not available, or that they are temporarily unavailable. Delivery times may be altered by holidays or holiday eves. No deliveries will be made on Saturdays and Sundays, or on holidays or the day after a holiday:



Order Collection Schedule:

Orders are collected from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Shipping conditions:

To avoid any error in the shipments, it is essential that when placing your order, you correctly indicate in the form all the required data. All orders will be delivered as indicated in the "Delivery Times" section.


You will receive your order through the transport and logistics company mentioned below. The User is informed that for the correct provision of the service, the Provider must provide their personal data to the companies that provide these services, becoming from this moment responsible for their treatment:


Order tracking:

Placing Orders:

STEP 1.- Basket and user identification:
STEP 2.- Place Order:


STEP 3.- Pay an order:

To proceed with the payment, you must previously and expressly accept these general conditions of sale by means of acceptance on this same screen. The User is informed that, according to art. 98.2 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, is placing an order with payment obligation.


You expressly confirm that you are aware that the order you are completing implies an obligation to pay, and for this by clicking "Pay and finalize the purchase" you will make the payment of the same.


For the payment of the order, the User can choose between the following options:






It is advisable to print the proof of the operation carried out through the payment gateway or the payment platforms existing on this website.


SECURITY: This website uses information security techniques generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. To achieve these purposes, the User accepts that the Provider obtains data to carry out the corresponding authentication of access controls. 


The User is reminded that all credit card holders are subject to validation and authorization checks by the card issuer. If the issuer of the User's payment card refuses, or for any reason does not authorize, the payment in our favor, either before or after a payment, the provider will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.


Once the payment is made, the User receives an e-mail informing him that it has been made correctly.




Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email ("Order Confirmation") with all the details of the purchase. That is the verification that your order has been placed correctly.  It informs the User that he can review it and download his invoice in "My Orders", within his profile.


If you have made your purchase and do not receive the confirmation e-mail within one hour, please contact us through the forms indicated at the beginning


In accordance with the provisions of article 63 of the Consumer Law and article 28 of the LSSICE, the order confirmation email contains a summary of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, information on the essential characteristics of the products purchased, a detailed indication of the price and the method of payment,  information on shipping costs, information on the conditions and methods for returning products, the non-application of the right of withdrawal on some items and the address for sending complaints or claims, as well as a link to this document.


Subsequently, and once your order has been received and verified, it will be prepared. Finally, the transport company will be notified, so that it can proceed with the collection and subsequent delivery within the indicated deadlines (See above "Delivery Times") or it will be sent to the collection address you have chosen so that you can pick it up (as indicated).     


Customer Service

If the User has any questions or concerns when placing an order or if you wish to make any inquiries about an order placed, initiate the return process or exercise the right of withdrawal, if applicable in your case, you can contact us through:


To expedite the service, it would be advisable for the User to have a copy of the order.


Inquiries about orders:

As long as he is a registered user, the User can check the status of his most recent orders by visiting the "My orders" section within his profile.  This is the easiest and fastest way to get the most up-to-date information regarding orders, although you can always contact our Customer Service.


Delivery of orders:

The delivery of the orders will be made at the delivery address freely designated by the User. In such a way, that the provider does not assume any responsibility for when the delivery of the product or service does not take place as a result of the data provided by the User being false, inaccurate or incomplete or when the delivery cannot be made for reasons beyond the control of the Provider or the shipping company, assigned for this purpose, as is the absence of the recipient.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provider must adopt the measures required of a diligent trader so that the delivery can be made in the agreed time, and if not, as soon as possible, to the satisfaction of the sender and the recipient, so that no liability can be attributed against the provider.


Cancellation of orders:

Occasionally, the system cancels orders or parts of an order for various reasons. Some of these reasons can be:


If an order is cancelled, the User will receive an email explaining the reasons for the cancellation. The User will not be charged for cancelled orders and, in the event that the cancellation occurs after collection, the amount paid will be refunded in the case of total cancellation of the same.


If the User is interested in placing a new order or if he has any questions about a cancelled order, he may contact us through the means indicated in the "User Service" section. 



Orders will be considered delivered in accordance at the time of signing the delivery note of the carrier. It is the responsibility of the recipient to verify the integrity of the packaging and document on the delivery note of the transport agency any nonconformity or damage. However, different situations may occur for which it is necessary to return part or all of the order served.


IMPORTANT: If the items served do not convince you or are not what you expected and you do not want to receive any item in exchange but that the amount paid is refunded, you must go to the following section "Withdrawal".


 If the order has arrived damaged or defective: communicate it to ayuda@pampling.com and   it will be sent to your home completely free of charge and without shipping costs. 


If when opening the order you find that the items served do not comply with what was agreed in the order, they are  not the ones you requested, it is not the size or color of the item you ordered or the size chosen does not fit you well and you want to change it to  or want to change it for a different item: you have   90 days to make the return,   provided that the item is not used, washed and in perfect condition.


How to make the return:

1. Requesting home collection (only applicable in Spain Peninsular)

You have the option to request a home pickup. If you have made the purchase as a Pampling user, and it is your first return request, it will be free. Otherwise, or if you have made the purchase as a guest, the cost will be € 3.90.


 You can request it by contacting us or accessing your profile (by clicking on the order you need to change or return), or from the purchase confirmation email if you made the purchase as a guest ("status of my order / return") and request a home collection. 

2. Shipment to Central

You can also send your garments directly by courier (we recommend the postal service of Correos because it is the cheapest) following these steps:

  1. You must send the items to our facilities together with the delivery note and indicate the reason for the return therein to the following address: Pampling. Calle Pino Estrobo, 36. 41016 Seville
  2. The shipping costs are shared, that is, the shipment to our facilities is at your expense and the return shipment is borne by Pampling.
  3. Once your order is received, we will proceed to send you a code so that you can make a new purchase at no cost and without shipping costs.
  4. Then we would appreciate it if you would contact us again by e-mail in order to be aware of the arrival of the same. At the moment we receive it, we will proceed to replace the items with which you were not satisfied, sending you the order again.


Right of Withdrawal:

In accordance with article 102 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, the User will have a period of 14 working dayscounted from the date of receipt of the product, to withdraw from the contract without indicating the reason and without incurring any other cost than that of the return.


However, given that in República Gráfica SL we want to offer the best possible customer service, we extend the return period to 90 days from the date of delivery, provided that the items are not used or washed and are in perfect condition.


In the event that there is doubt about the state in which the User makes the return, the criteria of the specialized personnel of República Gráfica SL will always prevail, after inspection and verification of the article, in order to guarantee that no fraudulent returns are made of products that have been used, washed or that arrive in poor condition.


In all cases, the User may cancel his order as long as it has not been sent. If the order has already left our facilities, the User may proceed to the immediate return of the same once it has been received.


How to make the return for withdrawal:

1. Requesting home collection (only applicable in Spain Peninsular)

You have the option to request a home pickup. If you have made the purchase as a Pampling user, and it is your first return request, it will be free. Otherwise, or if you have made the purchase as a guest, the cost will be € 3.90.


 You can request it by contacting us or accessing your profile (by clicking on the order you need to change or return), or from the purchase confirmation email if you made the purchase as a guest ("status of my order / return") and request a home collection. 


2. Shipment to Central

You can also send your garments directly by courier (we recommend the postal service of Correos because it is the cheapest) following these steps:


Price and period of validity of the offer:

The prices indicated for each product include Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices are expressed in Euro currency (€).


They do not include shipping, handling, wrapping, shipping insurance or any other additional services and annexes to the product or service purchased since these must be calculated at the time of placing the order.


The prices applicable to each product will be those published on the website and will be applied automatically by the contracting process in the last phase of it, including shipping costs.


The User assumes that in any case the economic valuation of some of the products may vary in real time. This specific case will always be previously communicated to the Users. 


Any payment made to the provider will entail the issuance of an invoice in the name of the registered User. This invoice will be automatically sent to the email address provided by the User, as well as sent with the product purchased.


Dispute resolution

República Gráfica SL informs that it has Complaint Forms available to users or consumers who request it. You can access them by requesting them through any of the contact details indicated below.


We remind you that even if it is not through a Complaint Form, any claim that the user or consumer considers appropriate to make will be attended as soon as possible, in any of the following contact details of República Gráfica SL: C / Pedro Muñoz Torres, Nave 7. 41006 Seville (Spain).  Telephone: 954 097 652.  E-mail: ayuda@pampling.com


Online Dispute Resolution:

In accordance with art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, the European Commission provides a free access platform for the resolution of online conflicts between the User and the Provider, without the need to resort to the courts of justice, through the intervention of a third party, called Dispute Resolution Body, which acts as an intermediary between them. This body is neutral and will dialogue with both parties to reach an agreement, being able to finally suggest and / or impose a solution to the conflict. Link to ODR platform: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions will be governed or interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation in everything that is not expressly established. The provider and the User agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of services or the delivery of the products subject to these Conditions, to the Courts and Tribunals of the User's domicile.


In the event that the User is domiciled outside of Spain, the provider and the User expressly waive any other forum, submitting to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Seville (Spain).