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What is Pampling?
The best T-shirts, and more!
And they are the best because they are selected from our ongoing contests, in which designers from all over the world participate.

New T-shirts every day!
Every day you will find new amazing Tees on our web page.

Fast shipping!
We ship fast, worldwide and for only 3,90€!

From only €10,90!
You always have the opportunity to get some great T-shirts for only 10,90€, thanks to models on sale and our XpressTees.

Design, price and quality!
We use a pure cotton shirt produced under fair working conditions. And here in Spain we print our amazing designs using the best screen printing and a lot of love, so that they can last for a long time, just the way you like it.

You design, you buy, you're the boss!
You are the one who helps us choose what you like: vote for the proposals, discuss in our contest and share your taste with the whole community.

Free T-shirts!
Pampling rewards your participation with our point program, take a look and find out how to get free T-shirts!

Support for designers!
All our products are designed by top designers from all over the world, so part of the price of the shirt goes to them. Thanks to your purchases we can provide monthly thousands of € to our designers.

Do you want to join us?

Shipping and Payment
Delivery charges:
  • Shipping fees for UK cost 3.90€. For other countries, calculate the cost here.
  • Where is my order?:
  • International orders are delivered by the national postal service of each country.
  • For shipments to Belgium, France, Germany, Holand, Italy, United Kingdom you can track your order at this link: www.trackyourparcel.eu
  • For shipments to the rest of the world you only have to write an email to help@pampling.com and we will be glad to give you your tracking number

Payment Methods:
  • We accept credit/debit:Visa, MasterCard, American Express, through Sabadell Bank secure payment process
  • You can also pay by PayPal (this option give you more credit / debit card options)
  • Bank transfer to the account: Sabadell Bank IBAN: ES1800810359320001681969 / BIC-SWIFT: BSAB ESBB

Delivery time
  • International delivery usually takes approximately 3-15 working days, depending on the country of destination.
  • Remember that if you have ordered an XpressTee, delivery time is extended because we don´t begin to manufacture them until the selling time is over, so they generally leave the warehouse between 1-3 days after the purchase period.
  • If you have any problem or question don´t hesitate to contact us at help@pampling.com or 0034 954 097652
  • We send all our orders using a certified mail, nevertheless, certain countries do not provide us with a tracking service. Anyway, in the event that you had any problem / noticed a delay don't hesitate to contact us and we will do everything possible to help you.
  • *Expected delivery time shall be taken to count from the checkout date.

Free t-Shirts!
FREE T-shirts and products? Join Pampling´s rewards system. You help Pampling grow and we will return the favor. Earn points for every purchase and/or for every time you participate on our site, then redeem these points to pay less (or nothing) on future orders.

How to earn points:
  • For buying one T-shirt or sweatshirt 200 points. (Except Sales period)
  • For buying a T-shirt on sale, Xpresstee or any other product 100 points.
  • For voting for 50 proposals 5 points.
  • For each design accepted for competition 50 points.
  • For every post on your Pampling blog 5 points.
  • For every 200 comments on the website 20 points.

What you can use your points for:
  • You�ll get a 1€ discount every 100 points. Points can be redeemed for half or all of the lowest priced product.
The discount will be applied to the item with the lowest price.
Using points will partially/totally cancel the purchase price, as well as the related promotions
Voucher codes without minimum requirement will not give points for your purchase
Voucher codes and promos are not cumulative

About Our Products
¿How do I know my size?
We recommend you to choose a T-shirt that fits you well, take its measurements and compare it with our size guide (as is a textile product, this measurements can have a margin of error of +-5%, depending of the model).

How to measure the shoes?

The shoe must be placed on top of a ruler, whilst leaning the heel against a wall. As a next step, lean a straight object against the toe of the shoe (e.g. the lid of your shoe box). The object will mark the exact size of the shoe on the ruler.

How do you make the shirts?
All designs are printed on 100% cotton T-shirts. They ensure high quality standards as regards the printing and long lasting products

Our T-shirts are printed in Spain using the best silkscreen. The traditional and best printing method. Most websites with a catalogue as broad as ours usually use digital printing or transfers that don´t provide the quality and durability we demand for our garments.

What is an XpressTee?
It is an exclusive shirt on sale, available for a limited time at a great price: 10€.When countdown finishes on our website, it will no longer be available at that price. Some of them may end up in our catalog or in stores, but not at that price. Note that we make these shirts on demand, we will contact you within 1-3 days after the purchase deadline.

How can I care for my t-shirts?
We recommend washing the shirt at 30 degrees or less, do not tumble dry, hang them upside down and when ironing don´t use the iron directly on the printed side.

Guarantees and Returns
At Pampling we´ve been making T-shirts for more than 15 years and offering the best possible customer service. We place the best care in our designs and in our clothes so that you fully enjoy the experience of wearing Pampling.

If the product does not satisfy you, we will change it for another or refund you. If you´re not going to wear the shirt it does not make sense to keep it.

You have 90 days to return your order. As long as your garment is not used or washed and is in good conditions.
No refunds can be issued after 90 days after the delivery date.

How to return your order if...

  1. The product that you received was damaged or defective: write us at help@pampling.com and we will send you again the product for free.
  2. You do not like the product, it does not fit you well, or you changed your mind: send it back to us at the following address with the delivery invoice and inform us if you would prefer change it for another product or get your money back:

    Option 1 - Spain: Pampling.com Calle Pino Estrobo, 36. 41016 Sevilla (Spain)

    Option 2 - Netherlands: Wituka. Damrak 59, 1012 LL Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The shipping costs for sending us the product you want to change / be refunded for are borne by you.

    When we will receive the products, we will provide you with a code that will enable you to make a new purchase totally free of charge.

    If you prefer to get your money back, we will return it to the credit card or we will carry out a bank transfer.

What is Pampling´s ongoing competition?
There is always an active competition at Pampling. Our contest always stays open for any idea / designers from all over the world. On occasion we organize themed competitions in parallel with the previous one.

The designs go through a voting period of 7 days and then they go to our collection "Competition - All Art". Pampling reserves the right to select designs even before the voting period ends to become XPressTee product: t-shirts and other accessories for sale for a limited time.

How can I participate? What are the necessary features of my design?
Designs must be original and cannot be a copy or already existing images/creations. The artist's hand must be clearly visible in his/her design, not being able to use parts / edits from other pictures. All the proposals will be examined by our Creativity and Design Team, they will approve or not the designs to the contest. These quality filters will consider above all the possibility to print it on a cotton T-shirt, apart from technical / copyright / intellectual property aspects. We know that the quality of the creation is a very subjective point and we think we should mantain a average level in our contest. Not being approving for the votation is only a motivation to do it even better. Below you will find the instructions step by step in order to send in your design:

  1. Download the Designer Guide and submit your design!
  2. Design your t-shirt preferably with Illustrator or Photoshop. If you use a photo editor, work at least at 300ppi (pixels per inch) and always save a copy in high resolution � Real size and 300 ppi-
  3. Send us an image of the design with a size of 800x800 pixels.The allowed formats are: jpg, jpeg, gif (not animated) and png.
  4. The size of the sent image must not exceed 1MB.
  5. You can use up to 8 colors on a light t-shirt and 7 on a dark one.
  6. If you do not follow all of these rules, your design could be rejected:
    • You cannot use more than 5 spot colors for the design. (Reduced colors do not count. Black and white count, the color of the shirt does not).
    • If you have versions using different colors, only upload one and send the others in an email, we will select the ones that we like the most.
    • The design cannot go over the seams of the t-shirt, it must be placed on the front or back but keep in mind that the maximum printing surface is 42 x 30 cm
    • The design cannot contain third party copyright logos or material. T-shirts with the shipping included!!
  7. IMPORTANT: We take into account all the votes but they will not be conclusive for the final decision .And don't worry if your design is not chosen the first time: you can try again at the contest any time or we may write you directly to produce it :)

Why can't I see my design published?
We publish practically all the designs we receive, but your design could have been degrading if it doesn't meet our established standards. It could also be that we haven't received it yet or it didn't get through our published filter we use. In that case we recommend you to make a few changes and try again.

Who wins the contest?
We choose winners continuously, currently every week there are 12 winning designs.

Can I promote my contest design?
You can promote it as much as you'd like, but again, having the most votes doesn't guarantee you'll win.

What happens if you pick my design?
In this case, we will be in contact with you so that you can send us a definite version of your design and pay you for what you've made. The amount will vary depending on the option you pick. You have the last word. If you don't reply within a five day period, we will select another work.

And don't worry if your design doesn't get picked at first: it can return to the next contest or you can write us directly to produce your design at any moment.

What are the prizes?

At Pampling we launch between 8 and 10 designs a week and share hundreds of thousands of euros among the community of designers that are part of our catalog. In this way, we have been promoting talent and creativity in our community since 2005.

If your design is selected to be part of our catalog, you will receive a prize of 500€. In exchange, we will have the production rights of the design for 12 months, although without any type of exclusivity.

Every week, we will choose a special winner who will receive an extra prize of 500€. We will reward those designs that have sold extremely well but also value designers who prioritize our competition and are particularly committed to Pampling.


Shipping calculator
  • International orders are delivered by the national postal service of each country.
  • For shipments to Belgium, France, Germany, Holand, Italy, United Kingdom you can track your order at this link: www.trackyourparcel.eu
  • For shipments to the rest of the world you only have to write an email to help@pampling.com and we will be glad to give you your tracking number
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