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New women sizes!

23 by June by 2020
At Pampling we always keep working so our garments feel the best as possible. We are aware that our womens size chart is small, thats why we have developed a new one, in which it adjusts to a more realist and universal pattern.

Of course, always maintaining the Pampling quality. T-shirts 100% combed cotton.

There will be a period of time in which both size guides will coexist, the old one and the new one, but the tendency will be to replace the old size chart, therefore, the new size guide will be.

As you can see, these new sizes would be equivalent to one size more than the current ones, that is, if normally as a regular client use an M in Pampling, now you would use an S. They are also a little longer.


05 by June by 2020


Volvemos a hacer tus das un poco ms divertidos con esta super promocin!

Te regalamos un par de calcetines Pampling GRATIS por cada camiseta que compres, sea la que sea. Todas las camisetas entran en la promo que adems, es compatible con nuestro 2x25 y 3x30!

Tan solo tienes que seleccionar la talla del men desplegable que te aparecer durante el proceso de compra.

Esperamos que estos calcetines te encanten y puedas compartirlo con el resto del mundo a travs de tus redes sociales usando el hashtag #PamplingSocks. Recuerda mencionarnos!

Condiciones de la promocin:

No es posible elegir el diseo de los calcetines, pero nos puedes indicar la talla nicamente en el desplegable del proceso de compra. Siempre que haya disponibilidad, te enviaremos la talla que te corresponde.
Todos los calcetines de la misma compra han de ser de la misma talla.
Los calcetines de regalo no tiene cambio ni devolucin. De hacer el cambio de una camiseta no debes incluir los calcetines en el envo que nos mandes, tan solo cuando se trate de reembolso econmico.
Para el producto "Pack x2 Sorpresa" en camisetas, solo se recibir un par por cada pack.

Caramelos GRATIS con cada camiseta!

24 by May by 2020

Desde hoy, lunes 25 de mayo, llvate GRATIS una caja de caramelos Pampling por cada camiseta que compres y adems esta promocin es compatible con el 3x30 y 2x25.

Tan solo tienes que aadir a tu cesta las camisetas, que nosotros nos encargamos de aadirte una lata de caramelos de forma aleatoria por cada una de ellas.

Consigue hasta 20 latas diferentes exclusivas y coleccionables con los sabores ms deliciosos.

Corre ya y aprovecha antes que se agoten!

*Las latas de caramelos de regalo son de diseos y sabores aleatorios. No tienen cambios o devoluciones. Algunas de ellas son sin gluten y sin azcar. Consulta la pegatina nutricional que viene en el envase.

Get a free surprise t-shirt!

07 by May by 2020
If you didn't have enough with or socks promotion, now it's even better.
Get a surprise T-shirt FOR FREE in your next order.

How does it work?
We are giving away a surprise T-shirt in every order that has the promotion 2x25 o 3x30. What sizes do we send?
We will send a surprise T-shirt in the average size of the order. If all the sizes are different, we will send a random size. What designs do we send?
T-shirts will be send randomly. All the designs are Pampling T-shirts, with the same quality and printing as always.

How to get it?
You only have to apply in your cart the promotion 2x25 or 3x30 and we will take care of the rest. You will receive a surprise T-shirt in your order.

It's that easy, what are you waiting for?

FREE Socks with each t-shirt!

13 by April by 2020
These days we are going through step by step, let make these days a little bit more joyful! We are giving you a pair of Pampling socks FOR FREE for every T-shirt you buy. All the T-shirts are eligible for the promo and its also compatible with our 2x25 and 3x30!

Write in the observations section your foot number and we will send your size. Nothing else!

We hope these socks will help you add a little color to your days and that you can share it with the rest of the world through your social media using the hashtag #Pamplingpastepbystep Dont forget to mention us!

Conditions of the promotion:

Is not possible to chose the design of the socks, but you can tell us your size in the observations box. if theres availability, we will send you your size.
If youre order hasnt got any observations, we will send you a random size, but you will always get free socks.
For the product "Pack x2 Surprise" in T-shirts, you will only receive a pair for every pack.
This offer ends in..

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