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Classic T-shirts: Trust me I'm a dogtor

Camiseta Trust me I'm a dogtor


🐶💊 We couldn't start a section of classic Pampling T-shirts with any other design than the great Trust me I'm a dogtor by illustrator Obinsun. A fun T-shirt that represents our catalogue very well and that you have surely seen dozen sof times on social media and on the streets. Because if you were to make a list of the most famous T-shirts in history, Trust me I'm a dogtor would be on it. 

The"dogtormania" started with an illustration by the artists Joel Robinson, known in the T-shirt world as Obinsun. A T-shirt that is now officially a meme, which the little ones love and which makes adults smile. Because the friendly "dogtor"greets you by wagging his tail in the veterinary clinic. 

And did you know that the design has been evolving with time? Because if you continue reading, you'll see the pandemic version of the "dogtor" (Trust a Plague Doctor T-shirt by the kawaii illustrator Noemi Fadda, better known as NemiMakeit). 

Continue reading and discover the Trust me I'm a dogtor T-shirt in all sizes 👇👇👇


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A promise is a priomise, here you will see the Trust me I'm a dogtor design as a sweatshirt, KIDS T-shirt, phone case and poster. In addition, we'll also show you the famous Trust me I'm a Plague Dogtor T-shirt.

We hope you have nejoyed discovering one of the most famous Pampling Classic T-shirts. By the way. remember that we currently offer T-shirts for only 10€ when purchasing at least 3.

Camiseta Trust me I'm a dogtor



Trust me I'm a dogtor T-shirt 

by Obinsun


The cute little dog on the Trust me I'm a dogtor T-shirt greets you at the door of the veterinary clinic. But when you see him wagginf his tail in his doctor lab coat and carrying a stethoscope, you know you can trust him because he's clearly a real "dogtor" 😂


Sudadera Trust me I'm a dogtor



Trust me I'm a dogtor Sweatshirt

by Obinsun


Since we know you might want to be a real "dogtor" in the summer and in the winter, we have created this fantastic sweatshirt. 


Camiseta Kids Trust me I'm a dogtor



Trust me I'm a dogtor KIDS T-shirt

by Obinsun


This is a design that the little ones love, that's why the Trust me I'm a dogtor T-shirt could not be missing in Pampling's KIDS section. The sizes range from 6 to 14 years, therefore it's a T-shirt that is available for the whole family! 


Carcasa móvil Trust me I'm a dogtor



Trust me I'm a dogtor Phone Case

by Obinsun


For the biggest fans of Obinsun's Trust me I'm a dogtor design, we also offer it on a phone case. The truth is that the blue colour will give a really cool touch to your phone. 


Póster Trust me I'm a dogtor



Trust me I'm a dogtor Poster

by Obinsun


And if you are a true lover of the "dogtor" dog, the best thing you can do is to get the poster, because your home deserves this fun. 


Camiseta Trust a Plague Doctor



Trust a Plague Doctor T-shirt

by NemiMakeit


Last but not least, because we know you also love film sequels, we bring you a sequel of this design that we're showing you today. Because this Trust a Plague Doctor illustration is the perfect complement to our classic T-shirt. 



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