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The t-shirts of the princesses and villains of our childhood

Camisetas Disney

🍎 Our childhood memories are ingrained in our minds. For that reason, the films that we saw in our childhood are still our favourite stories in our adulthood. It must be a strange self defense mechanism against a world that we don’t like as much as the one we saw when we were little.

A nostalgia that is present in all the facets of our lives, t-shirts included. At Pampling we know what you like and we have an incredible selection of t-shirts with your favourite princesses, villains, heroes, and heroines.

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Continue reading and discover the t-shirts of your favorite princesses and villains. 👇👇👇


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We have a soft spot for TOP t-shirts. For that reason, at this point we want to present a thematic selection of our best Pampling t-shirts: The best t-shirts related to your favorite childhood films. For sure, you’ll know all of them, you’ll surely have seen all of them and if our intuition is correct, they’re still your favorite films. Continue reading and enjoy remembering your favorite princesses and villains.


Camiseta Villanas Disney

1. All Evil T-shirt

by Redbug

Because we know that villains (in this case, female ones) are the most attractive characters. With this T-shirt we want to pay homage to the female villains. Because if there are no villains, there won't be heroes. 

Camiseta Stitch Disney

2. Ohana Coffee T-shirt

by EduEly

For the fans of the most adorable character in animated cinema and coffee lovers, we have this deisgn that had to be included on our list of T-shirts with designs of films from our childhood.

Camiseta Sombrerero Loco

3. Mad Universe T-shirt

by Vallina84

We all know the film to which this hyeroglyph design makes reference to. For that reason, of you live in "Wonderland", this is your new favourite T-shirt. 

Camiseta La Sirenita Disney

4. Part of Your World T-shirt

by Alemaglia

Princesses do not need to be saved by a prince, anymore. But a lovely design like this one can be a great Valentine's Day gift

Camiseta Princesas Disney

5. Princess Pop T-shirt

by Edwoody

Pop Art at its best, this t-shirt could have been signed by Andy Warhol himself. Surely, you know all the main characters.  

Camiseta gato de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas

6. Colorful Cat T-shirt

by Glitchygorilla

The cheekiest cat from our chilhood films on a T-shirt. A perfect illustration that will get anyone that sees your new T-shirt make a comment about it. 

Camiseta Lilo y Stitch

7. Love T-shirt

by TurboRat

More "love" for a t-shirt design, that as we mentioned above, can be a beautiful Valentine's Day gift. By the way, we have a selection of Valentine's Day giftst-shirts are not the only idea..

Camiseta Villana Blancanieves

8. The Queen of Envy T-shirt

by Glitchygorilla

The villains of films are always remembered, although it is for their evilness. But, the evil queen that caused poisoning through apples was worthy of a t-shirt. 

Camiseta Rey León

9. Remember T-shirt

by NemiMakeit

The most famous musical, paying homage to the most remembered film of our childhood, also has it sown t-shirt. With a very original design. 

Camiseta Blancanieves

10. Poison Apple T-shirt

by Alemaglia

Above, we had the evil queen with poisoned apples' T-shirt. Now, we would like to show you another desifn that seems to be made for the same collection. You won't be able to resist buying the two of them. 

Camiseta La Sirenita

11. Camiseta The Dark Mermaid

de Nados

A  T-shirt that says to the world: "Here I am, and these are my referents." So, continue living in your childhood with this T-shirt. 

Camiseta Sebastian La Sirenita

12. Under the Sea T-shirt

by Cuti

We're not trying to do packs of t-shirts, but this design matches the previous one very very well. And you still lack one to use the promotion of 3 T-shirts for only 30€. 

Camiseta Villanas Disney

13. School Of Villains T-shirt

by Naolito

You have to study even to be an evil character in a film. An exceptional design that could only be made by Naolito. By the way, discover the best T-shirts by Naolito.

Camiseta El Rey León Disney

14. Starry King T-shirts

by Ddjvigo

The most spectacular designs also have their place on our list of childhood T-shirts. Could it be more beautiful? 

Camiseta Mulán Disney

15. Dragon Spirit T-shirts

by Cor38

Anther designs that w elove, with a touch of an oriental princess. You surely remember this film that made you emotional in the cinema and made you throw popcorn during the action scenes. 

Camiseta Stitch Disney

16. Colorful Friend T-shirt

by Glitchygorilla

If you like T-shirts with adorable characters on them, you shouldn't forget this one in your next Pampling order

Camiseta Lilo & Stitch

17. Stay Weird T-shirt

by ChocolateRaisinFury

If you don't already have a T-shirt with a typographic design with a funny message, here you have youe new acquisition. 

Camiseta Mulan Disney

18. Warrior Kiss T-shirt

by Ricolaa

Another idea for a pack of two T-shirts, in this case the topic is oriental princesses. The previous one was more iconic and this one more artistic, but the two of them are beautiful 

Camiseta Shrek

19. Shrekuna Matata T-shirt

by Jasesa

We are finishing our TOP 20 T-shirts with designs from our childhood films, for that reason we couldn't miss the one with the green big guy and his friends.

Camiseta Alicia en el País de las Maravillas

20. Camiseta The Little Alice

by 2mzDesign

And to finihs off, a poetic T-shirt that anyone who wants to go back to their childhood, although for a little while, will love.


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