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23 septiembre

by Je3Nn in Personal - 23 by September by 2021 08:27:52

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A veces cargamos las cosas con una importancia que slo existe en nuestra cabeza.

Rafael Chirbes read more


by margaaa in Personal - 23 by September by 2021 07:17:13

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En qu solis soar? read more

QUELYDISK COLGANTE por Fernandezcoca

by omicron102 in Personal - 23 by September by 2021 06:55:17

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Incluso Quely, una empresa mallorquina de productos snacks de galleta tpica, distribuy una coleccin de tazos. Esta coleccin es bastante curiosa, porque coge la idea antigua de los tazos voladores y, adems, aade un agujero para poder usarlos como colgantes. De ah el nombre: QUELYDISK COLGANTE por(...) read more

S. Fitzgerald

by Cocoyoypocoy in Others - 23 by September by 2021 03:28:01

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"Se habla de que las heridas cicatrizan, pero no ocurre tal cosa. Lo que hay son heridas abiertas; a veces se encogen hasta no parecer ms grandes que un pinchazo causado por un alfiler, pero siguen siendo heridas." (Suave es la noche, S.Fitzgerald) read more


by dainasmith in Personal - 23 by September by 2021 02:20:44

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I am a passionate blogger with a lot of passion to know more on digital products and their functions. It is humble for me to acquire technical knowledge of several devices particularly printers. I just wanted to help you people who are struggling to set up their devices. Read my sites read more

Bejo - La pipa del aguacate

by RubyRu_vk in Music Videos - 23 by September by 2021 00:43:57

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