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How to see the likes of any person on Instagram after canceling the "Subscriptions" section?

by doom1 in Others
11 by June by 2021 00:11:57

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Instagram's refusal from the "Subscriptions" option deprived users of the social network of the ability to control the activity of their friends. Despite the disappearance of the section, it is possible to obtain the desired information. To do this, you need to turn to special programs that analyze accounts. Also you can see how to see what my friends liked on instagram

Why Instagram has removed the "Subscriptions" section

Thanks to the "Subscriptions" tab, Instagram users learned about the actions of their friends on the social network. The section covered information about who the account owner subscribed to, on which posts he left likes and comments.

The situation changed dramatically when an article appeared on the news portal BuzzFeed that Instagram was planning to get rid of the option. In support of his words, the author of the article points to the post of Vishal Shah, director of the platform's product department. Shah addresses two reasons for deleting Subscriptions:

  • lack of demand: many account owners did not even know about the existence of such a section;

  • encroachment on privacy: the function did not leave Instagram users a chance for privacy. Every step on the platform was transparent.

The history of "Subscriptions" begins in 2011. The creators of the application foresaw it during the formative stage of Instagram. In those years, the section played an important role - it made it easier for users to find new and interesting content. It was enough to take a look at "Subscriptions" to discover worthwhile profiles.

With the development of Instagram algorithms, the need for this function has exhausted itself. In 2020, you don't need to study the activity of your friends in order to broaden your horizons. The platform tracks posts that are of interest to the account owner and builds a news feed based on these preferences.

The rejection of the "Subscriptions" section had a great influence on the development of commercial profiles. Business accounts used this option to monitor the actions of competitors and increase the target audience. Subscriptions provided access to information useful to the company, such as:

  • profiles of competitive firms;

  • contact details of suppliers;

  • customer contact details.

How to track likes on Instagram

The news about getting rid of Instagram from "Subscriptions" entailed a mixed reaction from users. For some, this change allowed them to use the social network more freely. Someone had to give up monitoring the activity of certain profiles. The lost option was replaced by special programs that fill the gap.


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