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DelorDG - 8 de Agosto de 2017, 19:48
For years I've been following the fantastic TV series "How I Met Your Mother" and so, I decided to represent one of the main symbols of the story: the yellow umbrella of Tracy. In the TV series it often appears, and the main character himself takes it with him for a long period of the story, unaware, though, that it belongs to his future wife. For all the time, the story is about anything but him who always looks for the right woman to marry, when instead he is so close to her that he neither notices it, and thanks to this yellow umbrella they will be able to know each other... Because of this, the title "The Right One".
I hope you will like it, thank you for your time!
09_cris_03 - 9 de Agosto de 2017, 23:58
muy original y poco evidente, me gusta :)
andrea.casmaq - 13 de Agosto de 2017, 21:05
Me encanta! Nunca había visto ninguna así

The Right One

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