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Daisyart_lab Interview

nickname Daisyart_lab - 1 by August by 2018
Hello, My name is Daisy. I live in Italy and I work as an illustrator. I like comics, video games and animated films. My favourite story is "The little Prince", for me i's a manual of life. I listen to metal music and my favourite movies soundtracks. I love Japan and sushi but also Italian food and Belgian beer! : D

About your beginnings, when did you start illustrating?
I have been drawing since I was a child, I wanted to draw comics. I did art schools and a few years ago I started working as an illustrator.

What most motivates your work as a designer / illustrator?
I like to test myself, try different paths and do something nice for other people. I would like to be a small piece that brings beauty to the world

About the creative process, where do you look for inspiration for your projects? / What inspires you?
I am often inspired by childhood memories, my favorite movies, books, comics, video games.
I love Japan very much and it also inspires me many designs.
I like to reproduce the characters or stories that left me with positive feelings.

What is the hardest part in the creative process?
The most complex part is to imagine something new with characters seen thousands of times and choose the right shape and color. Create something familiar but innovative at the same time.

From your point of view, what makes an illustration a great illustration?
There must be balance. The composition, the message and the choice of colors must be clear and functional.

Tell us about the projects you are most proud of.
I recently worked as an illustrator of children's books, it was very nice to work on books and know that my drawings will be used for children's education.

People say that we all have a character that really inspires us and that we consider an example to follow. What is yours and why?
I was inspired by the lives of many great artists. My favorites are Vincent Van Gogh and Frida kahlo. For me they are great humans before being artists.


petrutlucia - 13 by March by 2019, 23:31
I must say, I absolutely adore your work, the love you have for design and storytelling through your art shine through each and every one of your designs!
Nicky_Spam - 29 by November by 2020, 00:47
me encanta!!
Pamelamraz - 19 by April by 2022, 18:36
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