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About your beginnings, When did you start to illustrate?

My early passion is on traditional painting but I am a Fine Arts graduate Majored in Advertising. My early job is on Ad agencies as a graphic designer. Then I transitioned on digital painting and caricature, working on Matte painting for movies and Video Games.

But on the last 2 years I settled on making T shirt designs and illustrations which I am enjoying right now that spans over a decade of my career as an artist. I am not sure what this life of creativity as an artist will lead me in the next 3 to 5 years may be I will go back to traditional painting which is my earliest passion.

What most motivates your work as a designer/illustrator?
Right now Ideas that I will enjoy creating is what motivates me.

About the creative process, where do you look for inspiration for your designs? / What inspires you?
You have to be constantly in the look out for ideas everywhere, capturing it every time it strikes. Right now after my recent trip to Japan, It is Japan Culture that is why I made the design "The Great Ramen Wave" that was just released in Pampling.

What is the harder part in creative process?
Constantly making ideas and executing it or for me it is compiling hundreds of ideas and choosing what works best and finding time how will I execute them.

From your point of view, what makes an illustration a great illustration?
Right timing because being an artists is really capturing what is happening in the time capsule of the world you're living in. Especially today where the world is constantly changing faster and faster.
And also how artists juxtapose subjects that are related in anyway possible, for me I like playing on the subjects shapes and forms.

Tell us something about the projects youre prouder of.
Made a t-shirt design for the Band Slayer and recently for the Marvel Infinity.

People say that we all have a person who really inspires us and that consider an example to follow. Who's yours and why?
For me it is as simple as enjoying to draw what is in your head. It is fulfilling for me.


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