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Incluso el conocido personaje Indiana Jones ha tenido que enfrentarse a vampiros en sus historias literarias. En uno de los libro juegos ocurre, en la coleccin ESCOGE TU PROPIA AVENTURA en INDIANA JONES Y LA COPA DEL VAMPIRO.

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26 de mayo

by Koke007 in In actuality - 26 by May by 2021 09:59:14

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El nuevo sistema de eleccin de plazas MIR no convence a nadie.

En una multitudinaria concentracin frente al Ministerio de Sanidad, profesionales de la medicina que han aprobado el examen a Mdico Interino Residente que da acceso a la Formacin Sanitaria Especializada (FSE) han(...) read more

Things For You To Copy System Games

by Titanium-TV in About Pampling - 26 by May by 2021 09:55:54

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Work together with your partners and defeat your opponents in Tichu, the exciting and volatile trick-taking card game! Make use of your strategy skills and teamworkto rid your hand of cards before the other players can. Take advantage of the powerful associated with unique cards such due to the dragon,(...) read more

Escribiendo en el peridico

by Inho365 in Others - 26 by May by 2021 09:50:55

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Dos amigos que hace tiempo que no se ven:
- Hombre Eduardo, cmo va la vida?
- As, as...
- A qu te dedicas?
- Escribo en el peridico.
- De verdad? Eso est muy bien! En qu seccin?
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I love pampling

by Willbau88 in About Pampling - 26 by May by 2021 09:30:44

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