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by morti_tkt in Design and Illustration - 9 by August by 2020 11:57:30

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una vez ms hasta que alguien me diga algo uwu . . .
s que alguien responder algn da . . .
la esperanza es lo ltimo que se pierde . . .

Yo lo sigo intentando a ver si alguien contesta pero ya creo que ni merece la pena porque en unos tropecientos blogs que llevo 0 respuestas y xD
sabis si(...) read more

Logo Magicians

by logomagicians in Design and Illustration - 7 by August by 2020 13:22:37

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Logo Magicians mission is to deliver the best possible reliable software solutions to help our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability. read more

He subido un diseo *_*

by Avrien in Design and Illustration - 7 by August by 2020 09:25:54

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Me acaban de aceptar este diseo y me hara mucha ilusin que saliese publicado!! Si le dais +5 me harais un favorazo!!

https://www.pampling.com/disenos/80238-The-veganist read more
As new parents, we would want to be sure that everything is well prepared and ready before your precious one comes out. However, there are just so many baby stuffs out there that are too irresistible to just pass by. Before splurging on all those cute baby gears, it is important to have all the basics(...) read more


by rogene70 in Design and Illustration - 4 by August by 2020 13:56:43

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by morti_tkt in Design and Illustration - 21 by July by 2020 15:49:01

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sabis si tardan mucho en aprobar los diseos para concurso o si te dicen algo si te lo rechazan?
repost porque nadie me dijo nada y :( read more
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