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UEFA Europa League Betting Tips

by tombill in Personal
18 by March by 2020 06:57:34

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The UEFA Europa League is more or less a reformed version of the UEFA Cup competition that was launched in 1971. Its the second-biggest European cup competition next to the UEFA Champions League. This is our guide for your Europa League betting and wagering.

The clubs qualify for competition based on their domestic league standings and cup competitions. Some of the third-place teams in the Champions League group stage also qualify for the Europa League. The competition changed its format in 2004/05 to closely resemble the Champions League with the introduction of group stages before the knockout round. There are 12 groups of four teams in the group stage. Another UEFA competition called the Intertoto Cup was also merged into the Europa League in 2010.

Below we are listing the best sportsbooks on where to bet on Europa League as well as detailed info about the most common odds and betting types.

There are several kinds of bets that can be placed on the Europa League including live in-play betting. These can be made on the fortunes of individual teams, players, and games. For instance, you can wager on which team(s) will win their groups, which ones will get eliminated and which one will win the Cup etc. When it comes to wagering on individual games, some of the most popular bets are placed on the half-time score, the final score, total goals in the game, the margin of victory, which team will win, which players will score goals, and the specific time of a goal, etc.

One of the most popular bets in the Europa League is to simply wager on the final score of a game. For example, if Liverpool is set to play Benfica there will be a list of scores for each team to win by. You will see the odds listed for all of these scores. A 2-1 win by Liverpool may have odds of 20/1, while 10-0 for Liverpool may be listed as high as 500/1. Odds will also be listed for the scores of a draw, such as 6/1 for a 1-1 draw and 150/1 for a 4-4 draw, etc. This means if you bet on a 4-4 draw and that was the final score you would win $150 for each $1 bet.

Handicap betting is also popular in the Europa League. For example, If Liverpool is listed at +1 goal against Benfica, whos listed at -1 goal; it means that Benfica has to win the match by two goals or more for the bet to win. Therefore a bet on Liverpool will win as long as they dont lose by more than a goal. If the favourite team wins by only one goal or the underdog loses by just one goal in this scenario then the bet is refunded.

In straightforward Europa League betting the game can end in a win for Liverpool, a win for Benfica, or a draw. For example, the odds on Liverpool winning may be 1/2, the odds for Benfica are 4/1 and the odds on a draw set at 4/5. This means you would win $1 for every $2 bet on Liverpool. Youd win $4 for every $1 bet on Benfica, and $4 for every $5 bet on the draw.

Some of the most popular online bookmakers to bet on Europa League games are Betbubbles, Betfair, and Bet365.


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