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Presenting personal essay as an honest statement

by Ann Pen in About Pampling
31 by January by 2020 15:36:15

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Students should not hesitate in writing a personal essay, which would require them using the letter I, more frequently, as they make an honest statement about their strengths and weak spots. In fact, a personal essay is like a SWOT analysis for the students, when they are considered as productive members, who have the potential of making a gainful contribution to the human society.
Christopher Mansfield is content writer at Perfect Essay says that while these essays create a lot of interest in readers, they could be responsible for ruining the potential career of the students, if the tutors find that the essay is just a copy and paste job, done by them. This is particularly relevant in the present internet age when students could find many on-line personal statements that describe a certain experience or event in the personal life of the writer. Although these samples provide a good fodder to the mind of the students for framing their essay topics and thesis, they should not submit them as part of their academic essay assignment. In addition, it is advisable that they look at a few essay samples to understand the technique required for checking the online essay examples, in an effective manner.
Therefore, writing a personal essay would be the documentation of honest statements of the students, while they should make it a well defined essay to lure the readers to going through the complete paper. Hence, a few words of humor would be perfect, provided these are mentioned at the appropriate places in the essay. Students could go through a few custom essay writing examples to understand the skills required for writing a well-structured essay.
However, the following guidelines would help students in writing their essay in a personalized way, which would also catch the attention of their tutors and advisers. In fact, many colleges and universities require students to present a similar essay with their application for admission, at the time of interview. Therefore, they need to spend considerable time planning their essay, while preparing a successful strategy for its presentation. They can go through a term paper help for this purpose.
Finding the subject
As students would prepare to write their personal essay, they should find a subject, which is unique and related to them in true sense. Therefore, they should think of ways that would help them in this direction. For example, they can stir their mind with questions that explain the reasons for their becoming happy, angry or mad, at different times. In addition, they may ponder over the thoughts, which come to their mind, when they do not have anything in particular to think about. Moreover, they could think of any events in their life, which they may hesitate to tell others, or some experiences, which they feel cannot be shared with others.
However, students should refrain from writing about their intimate and private life, while they write their personal statements. Asking for help from research paper writing services in the UK would certainly assist students in this direction.
In addition, students could also look at custom essays to learn more about writing a good personal essay.


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jennier - 22 by February by 2022, 18:08
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Craig_Schneider - 15 by May by 2022, 20:24
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