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GoT ep 3-4

por petrutlucia en Personal
7 de Mayo de 2019 23:02:00

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OK so...
It's final: the "writers" on the GoT team are THE worst of all time. They have been for a while, since about the time when the material from the books ended, but these last two episodes.... Just bad bad writing:
1. The NK died like a stupid moron.
2. Arya's most kick-ass moment thus far, supposedly, was so badly written I just wanted to cry. This character deserved better.
3. The whole point of the white walker horde as thought out by GRRM is to signify climate change, and all the crap we're doing to our planet while fighting among each other for insignificant things. for refusing to join in the fight, Cersei should have gotten some kind of direct karma - losing the throne, possibly, isn't it as it's not in any way related.
4. Dany has turned into an annoying little brat, and after seeing her dragon killed, instead of just turning around and burning the enemy fleet from behind, where they didn't have the spear throwers, she decides she wants to burn down the city with innocent people in it.
5. Sansa who supposedly is a smart, calculating woman, decides she wants to flap her gums after promising not to, we'll see what fresh crap that turns into...
That's all for now, I vented, and said my piece. :D


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