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My name is navarro
I am a landscape designer. I like flowers, trees, all the plants. Furthermore, create my own blog about gardening and trying to promote it. Also, I like to grow organic food and microgreens. Im like to change gardening ideas with other gardeners, theirs oppinione is very important for my develop.
I have 2 cats, they always eat my flowers))

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Gotta Know Now Voice Access to Webster App

by Navarro in Others
28 by September by 2022 20:11:29

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Hello word lovers! No doubt many of you out there are putting pen to paper (or holiday card!) and searching for just the right word to get your sentiments across. More details here succulent plant identification .Now you can search for words with just the power of your voice all thanks to the new iPhone app from Americas most trusted dictionary Merriam Webster!

Through the power of our speech platform you can quickly and easily access online dictionary without knowing the spelling of the word and without having to type just speak into your iPhone and the word results appear! So simple! And really, isnt making things easier during the holidays something we can all appreciate?!

Are you a developer interested in bringing the power of speech to your application? Then we want to hear from you! Come visit our site and tell us more about you and your app! The program will be launching soon and youll definitely want to be part of this dynamic developer community!


chirigo_ - 28 by September by 2022, 20:51
Eres un ser increble, diste lo mejor de ti y por eso te admiro. Pasaste por varias transformaciones, fuiste tan poderoso que todos nosotros te odiamos. (Son Goku)
chirigo_ - 28 by September by 2022, 20:51
No vivas con falsedades ni miedos, porque terminars odindote a ti mismo. (Uzumaki Naruto)
chirigo_ - 28 by September by 2022, 20:51
A m me da igual que los dioses existan o no, yo soy el amo de mi vida; paso de los temas religiosos, pero jams menospreciar a alguien que crea en ellos. (Roronoa Zoro)
chirigo_ - 28 by September by 2022, 20:51
No es asombroso el cielo? No importa cuantas veces lo mires, nunca es el mismo dos veces. Este cielo de ahora solo existe en este instante. (Hitsugaya Toushiro)
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