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Several outfits for spring

by haitlyn in About Pampling
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Dressing in spring is not complicated, and two or three pieces can form a whole. The following ten sets of outfits are very suitable for use in warm seasons. The use of color is very gentle, and the matching of clothing is very simple and advanced. For women who have no clothing inspiration, learning these color matching skills and selection ideas can also further improve their dressing strength.


Soft and unobtrusive colors

The color matching of spring is very particular. In the season of warm spring, our dress should not be too dull, creating a lack of old-fashioned, but should use more soft colors. These tones are often not overly publicized, do not stimulate the vision, do not create a sense of abruptness, and can directly set off the temperament.

This light yellow cardigan, if used in bright yellow, will test the complexion. This light yellow tone is particularly soft, and the style is not procrastinated, and the figure is modified and adjusted. The lower body is matched with white wide-leg trousers. The wide trousers show a casual feeling. The combination with a short top can also show longer legs.

The color matching should not only highlight the temperament, highlight the complexion, but also add recognition appropriately. Don't think that a single white suit or black single product is enough to complete many advanced dresses, or make some changes in the color tone.

This set of color matching is very spring-like. The light yellow cardigan is matched with a green T-shirt. The material of the clothing is very thin, because the cardigan style of the coat is narrow and the matching inner layer cannot be thick. Short sleeves are suitable, it does not have wide sleeve stitching, which makes the arm curve look more slender.

Green items are also very popular. All kinds of greens set off a refreshing or mature feeling. If you want to add vitality, the darkness of green should not be too obvious. Fruit green, light green, and grass green are single products. can be added to the styling.

This green top is particularly age-reducing, especially when paired with a pair of dark blue denim trousers, the collision between the colors is harmonious, reducing boredom and enhancing the vitality index. The trousers are loose, and the performance of hiding meat is also good.


Basic clothing is most practical

There are some fashionistas whose dresses are too alternative. Although they can get everyone's attention in a short time, such items can never maintain the advantages of being classic or practical. It is still necessary to adopt more basic styles in daily life. After all This kind of clothing has a high cost performance.

The scope of basic items is not narrow, such as knitted sweaters with light colors and extra softness. It is a typical basic clothing. If it has a belt, it will naturally have a significant effect on the outline of a woman's waist. Combined with the same color skirt, it is elegant, gentle and elegant.

Knit sweaters can be made in different colors. Khaki and milk tea are all mild and elegant colors. If you prefer the classic black, you can also make some changes in color matching to prevent the feeling of heaviness from being overfilled.

A shorter black knitted top, with a contrasting re-segmentation effect, can be paired with loose, leg-shaped trousers to hide the driver's imperfect body shape. The combination of khaki trousers and black knitted sweater can make the picture complementary in shades, prevent the old-fashioned feeling created by black, and create an overwhelming advantage.

No matter how old they are or what their matching strength is, women will prefer basic clothing. After all, such clothing is simple in design and not boring in style. You can use black knitted sweaters or white shirts. They all have the advantage of being extremely inclusive. , there is no restriction on the single product combined with the lower body.

This white shirt, because of the loose outline of the sleeves, does not present a style that is too serious, and it is very comfortable to control. If the legs are good-looking, you can combine a pair of tight trousers on the lower body to outline the tightness of the legs.


Choose from different coats

Mature women have the need to attend various occasions, and their attire has to change accordingly. The Xiaoxiangfeng jacket that creates an extravagant state is indispensable. Its design is actually very simple, but because of the relationship between materials and tailoring, it can bring a bit of advanced charm.

The Xiaoxiangfeng coat is a slightly formal single product, mainly in light blue, which does not look old. There is no need to superimpose shirts inside, which increases professional attributes and can be matched with a more casual white T-shirt. On the one hand, this kind of inner wear will not make the outline of the clothing full, on the other hand, it can also create a slimming effect.

Suits are getting more and more recognition from everyone. This is because they never have a single way of wearing them. The solution to the sense of sophistication is very simple. First, the choice of color does not need to be deep, and second, the matching trousers do not need to be worn. Always suit pants.

The combination of a simple yellow suit and blue jeans directly collides with a fresh and casual feeling. The design of the profile that comes with the suit covers the body shape, modifies the outline, and is very thin.Read more at: formaldressuk.com | short prom dresses uk


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