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Short jacket + knee-length skirt, small pants + knee-high boots are the best combination of middle-aged short people in winter

by haitlyn in About Pampling
26 by October by 2021 17:04:43

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Autumn and winter season although it is a good time to hide meat show thin, fat can be easily wrapped in a variety of coat sheet under the article, but autumn and winter clothing is more and more thick, layers are more and more cumbersome, to the short middle-aged woman is not very friendly. If you want to wear elegant fashion and temperament, then might as well learn from the modern essence of the collocation demonstration.

For example, Japanese housewife Keiko, who is only 1.53 meters tall, uses collocation to enhance her strengths and avoid weaknesses and enhance her temperament, such as short coat + knee-length skirt, or small pants + knee-high boots, which are very popular in her wearing. She also proves that this is the best match for middle-aged short people in winter. The small person that does not have tie-in clue temporarily might as well consult!

First, short leather + knee skirt

A short jacket is usually a leather, denim, work jacket, or trench coat that ends around the waist and is more friendly to the smaller person than a long jacket.

It is an example with short leather coat, besides edition model dapper, can make concise and agile winter modelling outside, this kind of coat still can rise to raise waist line, make 37 scale this one effect, although do not carry tall figure, middle-aged dwarf also can wear a tall leg long visual sense.

And compared with lamb wool or woolen short coat, short leather clothes are more concise, on the basis of resisting the cold, the concave shape of the street and handsome unruly.

Middle-aged women who worry that A short leather jacket is too wild and tough can do just as the Japanese housewife did and give priority to A combination of over-the-knee dresses such as high-waisted umbrellas, high-waisted pleats or high-waisted A-line maxi dresses.

Leather coat and knee-length skirt one is handsome and capable, the other is romantic and light, just constitute the collision of softness and strength, while creating a good proportion to enhance fashion.

This one collocation combination besides give attention to both things handsome and soft outside, can offer the leeway that middle-aged short woman develops very extensive also, for instance in winter we can change dress result through adjusting leather coat color or design of skirt over knee.

It is worth mentioning that, whether it is a pure color knee-length skirt or plaid knee-length skirt, it is best to go out with ankle boots, and then the leather coat needs to be as thin and slim as possible.

Denim jacket + knee-length skirt

Different from the handsome and free leather jacket, the denim jacket is more focused on reducing the age of leisure, wearing the top is not too tough, like black or blue are suitable for middle-aged women.

In addition to the basic jeans jacket, superimposed baby collar or other clever design style is also very suitable for winter, but version of the need for appropriate tightness, avoid oversize.

Out of the street combination of umbrella skirt or gauze skirt, romantic light and young, if you want to further height, then the skirt needs to try to make the color of cowboy coat echo.

Short coat + small pants + knee-high boots

Autumn and winter is a good time to wear boots, but a lot of small women often choose short boots, feel that boots are not good to control even, it is very easy to cut the figure proportion into multiple parts, resulting in visual shorter.

Actually otherwise, short boots have its agile and easy with the advantage of flexible collocation, boots also have its charm, like length near the knee and knee boots, winter wear take in addition to warm outside, still can have the effect of modifying crus line, very friendly to leg curved star person.

However, don't be too off-color for knee-high boots. Consider classic colors like black and brown to further enhance the practicality of knee-high boots.

Middle-aged small people want to wear knee boots fashionable and good-looking, so in the collocation can be combined with small foot pants, small foot pants using tight pants type, cohesion and knee boots can further create a straight long legs, not drag, not cumbersome.

Go out in winter with a woolen short coat or lamb short coat, simple and comfortable, warm and good-looking.

Other jackets + small pants + knee-high boots

Middle-aged women dress the pursuit of simple and practical, small pants and knee boots to build the law can meet this requirement, like in winter we can adjust the jacket style to shape a variety of styles.

And this kind of build a law to be able to break small foot pants already inherent drab feeling, dissolve again reach knee boots to break up leg proportion this one shortcoming, realize modelling upgrade easily, still can wear to deep winter from autumn end at the same time.

In late autumn season, might as well use A word version dress or print dress combination small foot pants, knee boots, romantic nifty and modern.

After entering the winter, all kinds of coats, windbreakers, waistcoats or cotton-padded clothes have come into use, worried that these single products are easy to give a person bloated feeling, then might as well through the combination of small pants to create a loose combination of the law.

Go out with a pair of black medium thick heel and knee boots, fashionable value instantly pull full.Read more at: yellow prom dresses uk | white formal dress uk


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