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Old people can dress like goddesses

by haitlyn in About Pampling
22 by October by 2021 15:11:41

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Fashion has no age limit, the love of beauty is not the patent of young people, over 60 what, only have a love of beauty, can always be elegant and beautiful, live into the best of their own.

Beth Djalali is 62 years old and chubby. She always comes across as stylish and energetic. Her everyday outfits are elegant and stylish, proving that beauty has no age. Take a look at the following four dress tips, maybe you can bring some inspiration.

Everyone has his own style, although many clothes are very good on the body, but some pieces, once worn, will bring a feeling of joy, as if found a bosom friend, will also get more praise. Then this outfit must be exactly your style.

1. The sweater is warm and soft

Sweaters, always can convey a warm and soft feeling, slim style can show the beautiful curves of the body, and loose style can create a casual and free atmosphere, very considerate. Small fat female likes loose sweater flabby, also like the romantic emotional appeal that loose sweater brings.

The sweater of big one, wear on the body flabby appearance, the whole feeling is very relaxed. Once a person relaxes, the overall mood will be more comfortable, face natural smile, spirit will be more full. But loose style also needs a degree to hold, if indulge blindly on collocation, also can appear a little drag is not tall and straight.

For example, this body model, loose turtleneck sweater, presents the outline of A shape, narrow above, loose below, not only can hide the excess meat on the upper body, solve the problem of wide hips and thick legs, but also because of loose hem, bring romantic feeling. In the lower part of the body with a blue jeans + brown small ankle boots, small to form loose and tight contrast, not only show slim show tall, but also add aura.

A good-looking shawl, can very elegant atmosphere, also can have the wen wan of small jasper, can wear a free and easy with fashionable atmosphere already, also can make the woman taste that gives sex appeal lazy languid.

2. The cape is simple, elegant and feminine

Fashionable woman likes to hide oneself in big shawl, can get full warmth already, can show tenderness and romance again, at the same time wide shawl, also can decorate not perfect figure easily. You can also use the collocation of various shawls to create a rich shape.

The blogger chose a thick, soft shawl as her coat, which has a different flavor depending on how she presents it. When will cape open, more feel natural and unrestrained atmosphere, show the white shirt that takes inside, relaxed show figure again. A shawl can also be used to wrap the body beautifully, which in addition to doubling the warmth, can also form a rich layer, stylish and fashionable.

The charm of the cape comes from its comfort. Freedom and changeful form, each form is a burst of beauty. Daily in the collocation, can be skirt, can also be trousers. The grandmother chose slim pencil pants for an elegant yet neat look.

The material of the leather decided to make it the basis of a fashionable coat, which is cool for keeping out the wind, keeping warm, and extremely easy to wear and put together. In autumn, when you go out, do not know which coat to choose, you can pick up a simple black leather clothes on the body, you will not go wrong.

3. Short coats are crisp and easy

Black leather is versatile and easy to wear many advantages, with skirt or pants, will be very colorful. If worry black is a little depressing, can spend a bit of idea on the choice of lower outfit. Like this grandmother, black short leather jacket with white tapered pants, wearing snake-print ankle boots, stylish and handsome, the contrast between black and white, also make the picture bright and spirit.

Corduroy material, compared with leather clothes more a bit of introverted feeling. In the hearts of many people, but also rigid feel that such material and fashion do not have too much to do with. A short corduroy jacket, paired with a patterned shirt, instantly looks chic and retro.

The blogger, who is slightly chubby, has a knack for adjusting the waistline of her outfit, easily creating a beautiful figure. In this look, for example, she wears a blazer open to reveal the top underneath, and a patterned shirt tucked into her high-waisted jeans not only reduces age, but also adds flattering proportions.

Many middle-aged women, in the process of dressing, like to choose dark color clothing. They think dark colors can bring them more security. Admittedly, dark clothing, not easy to make mistakes, but always choose such a single color, the lack of sunshine in life.

Bright suits are chic and sunny

Suit, a classic piece, is always the darling of fashion. Middle-aged woman might as well choose the business suit of a bright color, will light up the mood, want to be achieved on collocation only union of heavy and simple, won't appear flowery not only, still can make the aesthetic feeling that gives dignified atmosphere and modern bright eye. Like this model, bright yellow suit, with a black model, fashionable and eye-catching. And the black shirt that takes inside added the ornament of design and color, blossom the romance that gives a woman easily and gentleness.

Color matching is always an important step in any outfit. Especially the use of bright colors, inadvertently will appear tacky feeling, at this time, a little to master the use of the combination of complex and simple, neither too fancy, nor too boring, foil each other, in order to achieve beautiful pictures.Read more at: princess prom dresses uk | high low prom dresses


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