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What slots do US players choose?

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5 by July by 2021 02:55:50

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Americans love to spend time in online casinos. Although in the United States there is an opportunity to play on a real machine, nevertheless, many players choose Internet platforms for games. What do they prefer to play?

In the USA, people love to have fun on slots without money bets, but there are those who only play for real money.

Popular online games of Americans

For US residents, gambling is not a curiosity. So, 86% of Americans have bet real money in a casino at least once in their lives. However, they most often choose the following games:

  • Slots come first: they are preferred by 90% of players;

  • Card games are in second place;

  • The least popular are roulette and dice.

As you can see, most often Americans choose slot machines, avoiding table games. At the same time, 60% of players believe that the best slots are those with small and frequent payouts. And 33% of players prefer slot machines with progressive jackpots.

Many Americans play online slot machines for free without depositing real money. Most often, money bets are made by people of middle and high income.

Note that for several years in a row the most popular slot among US gamers is Wheel of Fortune, which has a simple and addictive storyline. Although our popular Strawberry and Books are loved by players no less. But complex machines, with colorful and incredible stories, are not very popular. When it comes to card games, players prefer poker. But blackjack also does not go unnoticed. As you can see, online gambling is popular in the United States, but mostly Americans spend their time at slot machines.

Casino Bonuses: Generosity or Usual Marketing Ploy?

Online casinos offer their players a variety of bonuses. This is what distinguishes them from real gambling houses. Many people are attracted by bonuses, as they promise additional winnings. But is it really so?

What bonuses do casinos offer?

Any casino cannot be without profit. Therefore, even such generosity as bonuses should work for the institution. And the player needs to understand this. But this does not mean at all that you need to bypass bonuses. On the contrary, they just need to be skillfully used. Do you want to know what bonuses are offered by major gaming clubs.

  • welcome bonus for the first deposit;

  • bonus on subsequent deposits;

  • for the phone number;

  • for an invited friend;

  • a bonus and a real money gift for your birthday;

  • high roller bonus for VIP players.

You can find out about the bonus offers of casino on the corresponding page on the With the help of bonuses, naturally, the casino is trying to attract even more gamers. And often with the help of a bonus, a player can get a good win. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: the casino attracts gamers, and the players receive a win. But it is important to be able to play with bonuses.

What do you need to know when choosing a bonus?

Online clubs can offer a variety of bonuses: limited time bonuses, wagering requirements, etc. And experienced players work out their strategies to get good bonuses.

1. When choosing a bonus, you must carefully review all the rules and conditions of the game;

2. Most often, the bonus money needs to be wagered during the game, so calculate whether this option will be profitable;

3. Realistically look at each bonus so as not to waste your time.

Bonus games and money are of interest to the player and the casino itself. With their help, you can get money, and this is proven by many players. But treat such a game simply and easily, then it will bring


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