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Pregnancy Signs: 21 Typical First Pregnancy Symptoms

by pregnancychannel in Personal
14 by April by 2021 05:25:21

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Am i really pregnant?Many women ask themselves this question - with or without the desire to have children.Women who fear that their contraception will fail worry about possible pregnancy symptoms, while women who want to have children ardently feel inside their bodies to celebrate the smallest changes as signs of pregnancy.Especially in the first week of pregnancy between fertilization and the absence of a period, it is difficult to recognize the first signs of pregnancy.We'll tell you what unsafe, probable, and safe pregnancy symptoms are!

Likely Pregnancy Signs: The signs are typical of pregnancy

The next level of pregnancy signs are a bit clearer and make pregnancy appear likely.But even they are not guaranteed to be pregnant.Here, too, the following applies: the more symptoms appear together, the more the signs point towards baby.

  1. Period is missing

  2. Positivepregnancy test

  3. Growing breasts

  4. Darkening of the nipples

  5. Change in the uterus

Some of the signs read like certain pregnancy symptoms, right?At first glance, yes, but the missed period can also have other causes such as stress, etc.

Sure Pregnancy Signs: Congratulations You're Pregnant!

Only your gynecologist can give you the most certain signs of pregnancy

Midwife deliver.When these signs of pregnancy are detected, there is no longer any uncertainty: you are pregnant!

  1. Baby audible heart sounds

  2. Detection of the embryo onultrasound

  3. Palpable body parts and noticeable movements of the child - until about the18th SSWpossible

Uncertain Pregnancy Signs: What Early Symptoms Are Pregnant?

At the very beginning of pregnancy between fertilization andimplantation, the first signs of pregnancy can appear, but they do not have to.In addition, the uncertain signs of pregnancy are symptoms that may have a different background, such asPMS, a gastrointestinal virus or stress.

There is no exact confirmation for these symptoms. However, a rule of thumb is that the more of these unsafe signs you notice, the more likely it is that they really are from pregnancy. But they are in no way a confirmation of pregnancy. Uncertain signs of pregnancy include the following symptoms: اعراض الحمل

  • nausea

  • Vomit

  • Drawing in the abdomen

  • Pain in the breasts, especially when pressed

  • Increaseddischarge from the vagina

  • Frequent need to urinate

  • Tiredness and exhaustion

  • Mood swings

  • Enlargement and darker color of the nipples

  • Circulatory problems

  • Cravings or (new) food aversions

  • Change in the appearance of the skin (for better or for worse)

  • Spotting (from implantation)

Pregnancy Signs: 17 Typical Symptoms

What are signs of pregnancy?

If during or after sex -a mature egg cell can be fertilized from about 24 hours after ovulation- the egg cell is fertilized, this is the beginning of a pregnancy.As a rule, women do not yet notice this merging and the new life that has arisen with it.But there are also women who are sure that they could feel the moment of fertilization.

Successful fertilization is a prerequisite for the first signs of pregnancy to appear, even if these usually do not appear immediately.Only after the fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus does the female body produce the pregnancy hormone HCG.

The HCG value rises continuously and can be recorded by commercial pregnancy tests above a certain threshold value.HCG is responsible for many processes related to pregnancy and has a large share in the pregnancy symptoms that we feel at the beginning of our pregnancy.



When can I feel the first signs of pregnancy?

From a medical point of view, the first signs of pregnancy arenoticeable at theearliest from the tenth day after ovulation (approx.4th week of pregnancy) from the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus, when the body begins to produce the pregnancy hormone HCG.

Who feels which pregnancy symptoms and when differs from woman to woman.Some are sure to notice clear signs of pregnancy from the moment they are fertilized, while others have no idea of ​​their pregnancy for many weeks.This depends on the one hand on the level of the HCG value, which is not the same for all women, and on the other hand on your own physical perception.

Some women have a very fine body feeling and feel the finest changes that can be interpreted as the first signs of pregnancy.Others may have the same pregnancy symptoms but don't perceive them as such.Especially if you are not expecting to be pregnant, the first signs of pregnancy often pass you by unnoticed.

In addition, many early signs of pregnancyare similar to pre-menstrualsymptoms orPMS, so before a missed menstrual period and a positive pregnancy test, any sign is just a guess.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

The range of signs of pregnancy is very broad and ranges fromclassic (morning) nauseato diffuse pulling in the abdomen.Signs of pregnancy change in the course of a pregnancy, may disappear again at times or may not even be present or noticeable.

Pregnancy symptoms are divided into unsafe, likely, and safe signs of pregnancy.Because many a sign ofpregnancy turns out to be PMS with period pain- many mothers who want to have children can sing a song about it!

When do which pregnancy symptoms occur?

Some feel the first signs of pregnancy early on, while others don't notice any signs of pregnancy until later or at all.The first signs of pregnancy can appear at the earliest with fertilization, but usually only with implantation and the rise in the HCG hormone.

Most mothers-to-be say theyfelt thefirst signs of pregnancy such as nausea, tension in the breasts,tender nipplesand pelvic paineven before the missed period.Since these four symptoms are also often associated with PMS and the period, they can only confirm retrospectively whether these were actually the first signs of pregnancy.

From the absence of a period until the end of the first trimester, most expectant mothers can enjoy the pregnancy signs listed - in many cases many or all of them are noticeable at the same time.The intensity, especially with nausea and breast changes, are very individual.

You can read which pregnancy symptoms are common in which weeks in our pregnancy calendar:

Why do pregnancy signs change?

Many signs of pregnancy depend on the amount of certain hormones floating in a pregnant woman's bloodstream.Not every pregnant woman has the same amount of these hormones or reacts equally sensitively to their effects.The composition and level of the hormones also change in the course of pregnancy and thus also the pregnancy symptoms.With pregnancy sickness in particular, many women are happy about the fact, because in most cases the discomfort disappears again at the end of the first trimester.

If you are unsure or worried because you are not experiencing any unusual or very strong pregnancy symptoms, it is best to make an appointment with your gynecologist.


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