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Linksys RE6700 Extender Keeps On Losing Internet Connection?

by glennpatricia in About Pampling
12 by November by 2020 10:32:55

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Linksys RE6700 WiFi range extender has effectively solved the major issue of turning dead zones into fun zones and boosting the WiFi signals of your existing WiFi router. Though Linksys RE6700 flaunts incredible features, sometimes, it gives headache to users with various issues. And Linksys RE6700 keeps losing connection is one of the most common yet major issue among others.

If the same issue is spinning your head, worry not! We understand the situation. So, relax your senses as weve come up with this exclusive write-up to help you fix the issue with ease.

Lets get the ball rolling and discuss some reasons behind the issue along with their effective solutions.

Reasons Behind Linksys RE6700 Keeps On Losing Internet Connection

Reason 1:

Your internet plan has expired. This issue can be annoying if your network data has finished or about to end.

Solution: Make sure that the data package you own is not exceeding its limit. Get it fixed by updating your WiFi plan. Have a word with your ISP regarding the same.

Reason 2:

You are receiving WiFi interference. This can happen if the channel you are using gets over-crowded. Another reason can be the interference caused by metal appliances, electronic devices, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc. you are using.

Solution: Make sure to place your Linksys RE6700 WiFi extender far away from those devices that can cause interference. Apart from this, while accessing the login page, consider connecting your device to Linksys extender setup-xxx. Moreover, choose a higher, cool, and neat place to spot your Linksys extender and the router.

Reason 3:

Another reason behind the issue might be the heavy load on your Linksys WiFi range extender. It means a number of devices are connected to your extenders WiFi network.

Solution: So, to fix the issue, limit the number of connected devices. For instance, if your device supports only 8 devices and you have connected 10, then chances are the internet connection may drop frequently. Simply connect enough amount of devices that your Linksys extender can bear.

Reason 4:

Outdated version of firmware on your Linksys extender as well as on the router can also result in the Linksys range extender drops connection issue.

Solution: Updating router and Linksys extender firmware can also help in fixing the issue.

Reason 5:

You might have performed an improper or partial Linksys RE6700 setup.

Solution: If this would be the cause behind the issue, then simply complete the Linksys extender setup process correctly.

To setup Linksys extender, visit login portal and follow the on-screen instructions.

Reason 6:

Your Linksys RE6700 WiFi range extender is overheated.

Solution: If your Linksys range extender drops connection frequently, then chances are the device is overheated. So, to cool down the Linksys WiFi range extender, simply disconnect all the connected devices you have connected with your RE6700 unplug it from the power outlet wait for 5-10 minutes, and plug it back again in.

Reason 7:

The power LED on your Linksys WiFi extender is blinking or continuously showing amber or red color.

Solution: If the power LED is continuously blinking or showing red or amber color, then the only solution to fix the issue is to reset Linksys extender back to the default settings. Once your RE6700 gets reset, take the plunge to setup Linksys extender in a proper manner. But dont forget to take the backup of the settings prior to resetting Linksys extender.


We hope that this write-up has helped you overcome the Linksys RE6700 extender keeps on losing internet connection issue. If the fixes dont work for you, feel free to get in touch with us.


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