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Extender N300 - Working Setup Instructions

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NETGEAR N300 is one of the best WiFi range extenders offered for new netgear extender setup . This range extender works in the same manner as that of NETGEAR EX2700. It increases the distance of existing wireless network. This range extender makes a reliable connection with current WiFi signals and transmits its own signals. In case you are unable to connect to available network, make a connection with extenders wireless signals instead.
Available at affordable price, NETGEAR N300 provides a high speed of internet to access in every corner of house and office and that too without any buffering. Whats more, the extender removes dead zones and provides high-speed internet access throughout the house or office.
Get to know your N300 Extender
Before getting started with the setup process of N300 Extender, it is better to know your extender well. There are three main panels on NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender i.e. Front, Side and Bottom Panels.
Front Panel
This panel mainly contains LED lights on it. The following LEDs are present on it:
Router Arrow LED
Client Arrow LED
Router Link LED
Client Link LED
Power LED
Side and Bottom Panels
Though the front panel has all LEDs on it, the side and bottom panels are full of ports and buttons. On these panels, the below-given buttons and ports can be found:
WPS Button
Ethernet Port
Factory Reset Button
Power On/Off Button
To know various functions of these buttons, ports and LEDs, contact technicians at 1-844-697-8376.
Steps for NETGEAR N300 Extender Setup
There are two ways to set up NETGEAR N300 Range Extender: manual method and WPS method. Choose any method that suits the best.
1. Manual Method via NETGEAR Genie Setup
Walk through the instructions given below for NETGEAR N300 Extender Setup manually:
Un-box the extender and plug it into any wall socket.
Place extender and router in the same room.
In order to extend the existing WiFi range, connect extender to a wireless network.
Turn on a computer or laptop and make sure its WiFi connection is enabled.
Double-click on any web browser e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Apple Safari.
Once opened a web browser of choice, navigate to webpage setup page will appear. Fill in the required details to continue.
It will redirect to NETGEAR Genie Setup page.
The page will ask for the mode in which you want to set up the extender. There are two options: WiFi Range Extender Mode and Access Point Mode. Choose any one from them.
Choose the network of existing router.
Enter password in the passphrase field and click on Continue button.
Connect a client device to the network of N300 Extender.
In the end, hit Finish button.
Now, there will be four green lights present on the extender which indicate you are all set to use the extended range throughout the home. If the lights do not turn on, contact the resolution experts on
2. WPS Method
In case the manual method seems a bit tricky, go for the WPS method. It is an easy way for NETGEAR N300 Extender Setup. Only a few simple steps and you are done.
Power on the extender and search for WPS button on it.
Once found, press the WPS button.
When WPS light on extender starts blinking, it means the extender is getting configured with WiFi signals of router.
After some time, 3 solid green lights will be seen on extender. These lights show the configuration between extender and router has been completed.
In case you own a dual-band extender, it means that the 5GHz band is also supported. If so, repeat the step 2.
Now, the whole WPS process has been completed. Connect to extender network and enjoy WiFi signals in dead zones without any interruption.

Still facing any trouble? Try to reset netgear WiFi range extender or just visit our website and set up your NETGEAR N300 Extender in a few minutes.


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