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user since 09-11-2020 Not Working? Here's How to Fix It!

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9 by November by 2020 06:32:28

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Facing issues while logging into your Netgear WiFi router? Is not working for you? Did you nod in yes? Then, this post is just for you, my friend! Here, we will make you familiar with the troubleshooting steps to resolve the Netgear routerlogin.netnot working issue. Read on.

Why Can't You Access

It is extremely frustrating that when you try to access the default Netgear WiFi router login page, you fail to do so every time. Although the login process is pretty simple, an improper router configuration can lead you to such technical errors. However, the most common issues are browser cache and IP address.

It may also happen that you are mistyping the default web address due to which you are seeing error pop-ups. Or the web browser you are using is outdated. Chances are that your internet connection is running extremely slow so you might be seeing can't be reached issue.

How to Log in to Netgear WiFi Router?

Are you following the correct steps to log into your Netgear wireless router? If not, then this is the main reason behind the Netgear router login issues. But you need not to worry! We have outlined the complete steps involved in the Netgear wireless router login process. Let's have a look at them:

Plug in your Netgear router to an electrical outlet and turn it on.
Connect it to the existing modem using an Ethernet cable.
Ensure that your modem is also turned on.
Switch on your computer and open an internet browser on it.
Type in the address bar.
Hit the Enter key.
The Netgear wireless router login web page appears.
Fill in the user ID in the first given box and password in another box.
Click on the Log In button.

That's how you can log in to your Netgear wireless router with ease. However, if after following the aforementioned steps carefully, you are still facing the same issue, walk through the below-given troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue.

Fixed: Not Working

First and foremost, make sure that your Netgear WiFi router is turned on and receiving fluctuation-free power supply from the wall socket.
Ensure that the router is showing green power LED light.
If you don't see any LED or blinking LED, power cycle your Netgear wireless router.
Check the web browser version you are using to log in to your Netgear router. It should be the latest one.
Delete all cache, cookies, and browsing history from the web browser you are using.
If you are still facing the same issue, use another web browser and try logging in to your router again to verify that your current browser is not creating an issue.
Where is your Netgear WiFi router placed? Just in case it is placed nearby metal objects, electrical appliances, reflexive surfaces, or concrete walls and windows, shift your router to another location.
Try using the default Netgear router IP for login.
So, these were our failsafe ways to rectify the not working problem. Stay tuned with us for more helpful posts!


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