FREE Socks with each t-shirt!
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FREE Socks with each t-shirt!

13 by April by 2020
These days we are going through step by step, let make these days a little bit more joyful! We are giving you a pair of Pampling socks FOR FREE for every T-shirt you buy. All the T-shirts are eligible for the promo and its also compatible with our 2x25 and 3x30!

Write in the observations section your foot number and we will send your size. Nothing else!

We hope these socks will help you add a little color to your days and that you can share it with the rest of the world through your social media using the hashtag #Pamplingpastepbystep Dont forget to mention us!

Conditions of the promotion:

Is not possible to chose the design of the socks, but you can tell us your size in the observations box. if theres availability, we will send you your size.
If youre order hasnt got any observations, we will send you a random size, but you will always get free socks.
For the product "Pack x2 Surprise" in T-shirts, you will only receive a pair for every pack.


diego12vp - 14 by April by 2020, 21:38
cuanto spam por dios haha
OdraCyRax - 15 by April by 2020, 01:05
PEDAZO DE PROMOCIN! Una duda, para aclararme, si compro 3 camisetas por 30%u20AC (la oferta), me regalis 3 pares de calcetines o solo 1 par? S que en el texto pone que tambin se aplica, pero no como se aplica, de ah mi duda.

Muchas gracias de antemano y geniales como siempre.
Roher - 15 by April by 2020, 21:13
fino a quando valida questa offerta?
peladi - 16 by April by 2020, 20:10
Justo sale esto cuando hice un pedido la semana pasada, jooooo
Llauyau - 18 by April by 2020, 15:14
Buenas tardes. Hace 4 dias hice un pedido y no me han venido los calcetines.
Nymeria21 - 18 by April by 2020, 16:41
Oh que genial!
Sunshine6992 - 23 by April by 2020, 16:00
Y la promocin se aplica a las sudaderas? Imagino que no, pero para confirmar
Marysol - 26 by April by 2020, 18:33
La mejor oferta que he pillado, los calcetines monisimos y las tallas que escog
0 - 26 by April by 2020, 22:06
No me sale la opcin de poner talla de calcetn, que hago?
manu_stury89 - 27 by April by 2020, 18:14
Dove bisogna indicare la taglia delle calze? Non vedo osservazioni.
Brinetbrindille - 28 by April by 2020, 14:52
Une bonne ide. Est ce qu' il y a une taille enfant galement ?
Lynne - 29 by April by 2020, 23:21
Yo ped camiseta el otro da y no me lleg ningn par de calcetines
0 - 30 by April by 2020, 18:12
Ya me han llegado las camisetas que ped super rpido, muy contenta con el pedido. La nica pega que recib los dos pares de calcetines iguales, hubiera sido un detalle que hubieran sido diferentes. Por lo dems genial.
0 - 1 by May by 2020, 11:06
Pedido hecho...que ganas de recibir las camisetas y esos calcetines...que chul@s
Paulah - 6 by May by 2020, 21:23
Siempre me han gustado las camisetas y los estampados que tiene esta marca pero ... han daado la calidad. :( acabo de recibir 3 y la verdad me sent engaada.
projectorstock - 27 by May by 2020, 11:33
lI don't read your post
selectvacuum - 2 by June by 2020, 08:49
I don't read your post
KateNill - 5 by June by 2020, 11:09
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